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Current Position:   

Independent Management & Training Consultant      

(June 2003 to Present) 


Current and Past Clients:

1/The National School of Government: delivery of consultancy skills, time management, mind mapping, creative thinking and partnership working programmes.

2/Government Operational Research Service: design and delivery of presentation skills programme.

3/HM Customs and Excise: design of team business planning process; motivation, stress and risk management sessions; an assessors’ workshop for trainers that assess staff against national standards.

4/Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: provision of a one - day conference for senior managers designed to clarify vision and priorities, identify and improve linkages between various teams and divisions, identify specific areas for improvement across the organisation.      

5/CAPITA Learning and Development: delivery of consultancy skills, writing, coaching, delegation, presentation and advanced presentation skills, customer service, interpersonal skills, training needs/evaluation, facilitation skills, team leadership, assertiveness and interview skills programmes.

6/Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office: analysis of findings from an organisational staff survey and preparation of the final report.

7/HM Prison Service: design and delivery of personal development, leadership and business skills events for 'Respect' (The HM Prison Service organisation that exists to confront and eliminate racism and discrimination).

8/Ripa International: delivery of effective negotiation skills, problem solving and decision making, stress, time management and exit interviewing programmes for Qatar Petroleum and other related energy companies.

9/EU-India Trade and Investment Development Programme: Senior Customs Consultant responsible for the preparation and delivery of a trader outreach training programme.

10/European Technical Assistance Programme for Vietnam: International Expert responsible for the preparation and delivery of a management and coaching skills programme for Vietnamese customs officers.

11/Northern Ireland Office, Stormont: design and delivery of a lateral thinking programme.

12/Government Office for the West Midlands: review of administrative functions within a key Directorate.

13/North Yorkshire County Council: design and delivery of a series of partnership working master classes.

14/Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs: design and delivery of a series of creative problem solving master classes.

15/Civil Service Core Learning Programme: design and delivery of a series of creative problem solving master classes and delivery of motivating others through change master classes.

16/Civil Service Live 2011: delivery of a presentation about being creative in times of turmoil and change.

17/Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines East Asean Growth Area: Design and delivery of a trade outreach and presentation skills programme for Indonesian, Philippine, Malaysian and Bruneian customs officers.

18/Welsh Assembly Government and Scottish Enterprise: design and delivery of bespoke partnership working events.

19/Civil Service Learning: delivery of core learning programme.

20/British Transport Police: design and delivery of a team development event.

21/Metapraxis: design and delivery of corporate training programmes.

22/Myanmar: design and delivery of a presentation skills for trade outreach programme which encouraged partnership working between the private and public sectors.


Previous Positions:

Head of Corporate Training – Office for Standards in Education

(December 2001 to June 2003)  



1/Create, develop and implement OFSTED’s training and development strategy.

2/Develop and maintain a network of regional training co-ordinators.

3/Design and deliver bespoke training programmes as required.

4/Engage and monitor external training providers.

5/Evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programmes.

6/Offer advice concerning training and development to the Directors of OFSTED as required.


Examples of Work Undertaken:

1/Conducted an organisation wide training needs analysis.

2/Prepared a cross - OFSTED corporate programme of training and development.

3/Prepared a systematic training evaluation process.

4/Developed an organisation wide numeracy and literacy strategy.

5/Designed, commissioned and delivered bespoke skills programmes as and when required.

6/Prepared OFSTED for IIP re-assessment.

7/Reviewed and improved current induction processes for Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools.

8/Developed OFSTED’S e – learning capability by encouraging the development of blended training programmes involving classroom, computer and work place learning.


Previous Positions Continued:

Training and Development Consultant at The Civil Service College

(September 1996 to December 2001)



1/Research, develop and deliver management and personal development programmes tailored to the needs of individual organisations.

2/Research, develop, update and deliver the Civil Service College’s portfolio of developmental programmes.

3/Contribute to the continuing development of the Civil Service College’s customer base by seeking opportunities to develop and offer new, relevant and imaginative developmental programmes to existing and potential clients.


Examples of Work Undertaken:

1/Researched, designed and delivered a management and personal development programme for the managers and staff of the Government Office for the North West (this included senior and junior managers and support staff).

2/ Researched, designed and delivered a change and quality management programme for the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

3/Researched, designed and delivered developmental programmes for support and administrative staff working in the private and public sector.

4/Researched, designed and delivered a management development programme for the DVLA in Swansea, South Wales.

5/Researched, designed and delivered an empowerment programme for middle managers.

6/Contributed to the design and delivery of a management development programme for senior managers of the Latvian Civil Service.

7/Researched, designed and delivered an administrative skills programme for a South African Ministerial Private Office.

 8/Researched, designed and delivered a two day collaborative working programme for senior managers in the public service.


Previous Positions Continued:

Internal Consultant with HM Customs and Excise

(July 1993 to September 1996)



1/The Management of a team of training and development consultants.

2/The design and delivery of tailored team building events.

3/The design and delivery of work based developmental programmes e.g. Self Managed Learning.

4/The evaluation and improvement of developmental programmes.


Examples of Work Undertaken:

1/Set up a structured developmental pathway for my training and development consultants and ensured that they were given tasks and projects which contributed to the organisation's training and development strategy.

2/Designed events for operational teams undergoing a great amount of change. Ensured that the events addressed the needs of the organisation, the team itself and its individual members.

3/Helped to design and deliver a programme of self managed learning which encouraged people to think of the task of learning as part of their everyday responsibilities, not as something separate from the real world.

4/Built evaluation processes into the programmes that I designed so it was not perceived as an afterthought. Agreed measures of success with my clients at the beginning of the process and used these measures as the basis for on going and final evaluation.


Previous Positions Continued:

Full Time Classroom Trainer for HM Customs and Excise

(October 1988 to July 1993)



1/Delivery of induction training for managers and support staff.

2/Design and delivery of skills programmes:

·         Customer service

·         Effective writing

·         Agenda and minute writing

·         Coaching and mentoring

·         Time management

3/Delivery of staff appraisal training.

4/Delivery of interview skills training (recruitment and appointment).


Examples of Work Undertaken: 

1/Redesigned the induction course for Higher Executive Officers so that it more closely met the requirements of staff new to the grade.

2/Ran Customer Service courses which were tailored to the needs of individual clients (preparation for these events included interviews with managers and staff).

3/Introduced a new appraisal and development system to the London Region of HM Customs and Excise. Oversaw the provision of staff appraisal training for all London staff. As well as classroom delivery I was involved in the recruitment, development and management of a pool of staff appraisal trainers.

4/Acted as a trainer and assessor of recruitment and promotion interview panels. This involved training and assessing senior civil servants and working along side experienced independent consultants.


Previous Positions Continued:

Secondment to Personnel Head Quarters - HM Customs and Excise (April 1992 to July 1992)



1/To contribute to the design and implementation of an appraisal and development system with particular responsibility for the researching and drafting of HM Customs and Excise core behavioral competencies.

2/To research the use of behavioral competencies in the creation of job profiles.

3/To draft guidance re. the effective formulation and use of job profiles.


Examples of Work Undertaken:

1/Helped to formulate the project plan and methods to be used during the project (with particular responsibility for the interviewing processes to be adopted).

2/Undertook a large number of structured interviews with staff at all levels of the organisation to gather raw data for analysis.

3/Helped to analyse the information from the interviews and identified those behaviours and competencies most important to the organisation's effectiveness.

4/Contributed to a report, which outlined the major core competencies and their characteristics and gave recommendations about how to best integrate a competency system into the organisation's appraisal and development system.

5/Wrote a report, which outlined how behavioral competencies could be effectively incorporated into job profiles.


General Educational Qualifications

BA (Hons.) Music

A Level English, A Level Music

O Level English Language, O Level Physics, CSE (grade 1) Biology


Professional Training and Qualifications:

Certificate in Consultancy Skills

Certificate in Counselling Skills

The Training Foundation Certificate in Training Delivery Skills

Accredited to use and interpret the "Firo B" psychometric test

Accredited to use and interpret TMS "Team Management Profile and Types of Work Index"

Accredited to use and interpret EQ (Emotional Intelligence) questionnaires

Accredited to use and interpret the Change Style Indicator questionnaire


I have also attended the following programmes:

Basic and Enhanced Trainer Skills

Facilitation Skills Workshop

Consultancy Skills

Developing Consultancy Skills (Civil Service College)

Soft Systems methodology

Methods of Interpersonal Skills Training

Process Intervention Workshop

Gestalt Workshop

NLP Workshop

Action Learning Workshop (Civil Service College)


Other Relevant Experience Not Mentioned Elsewhere:


1/Delivery of development and assessment workshops for management trainers

These workshops were designed to help developmental and management trainers gain confidence and realise their potential through enhancing their self awareness and knowledge of personal strengths, qualities and areas for development. The courses were very experiential and facilitative in style.


2/Tutoring interview skills trainers

These programmes were multi - layered. Firstly the new trainers would need to be tutored in the appropriate knowledge and skills and then they would have to be led through a live event where they trained actual interview panels. Only after the new trainers had successfully completed both the stages were they recognised as competent. The style of this training had at times to be very directive and the criteria for selection of both trainers and interview panellists clearly understood and adhered to.


3/Tutoring staff appraisal trainers

Here trainers needed to be tutored in a mix of directive and facilitative skills. The directive skills were needed to ensure that each course participant understood clearly how the appraisal system worked and their obligations as managers and jobholders. The facilitative skills were needed to ensure that participants’ fears and frustrations about the changes could be aired, acknowledged and addressed appropriately.  


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