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Some of the countries I have visited and worked within.

Delivering an EU funded training event in India. Me and some of the students.

Yes, this could be anywhere, but it was actually taken in India. From the look on my face someone has probably asked me to buy them a pint!

In Doha delivering some training courses for RIPA International. Doha is a rapidly expanding city: witness the brand new hotel and cranes on the left.

Old and new Doha: a brand new luxury hotel next to a traditional dow building yard.


Spent a day or two in Hanoi before travelling to Nha Trang to deliver a training course on behalf of the EU. Not every day you see a train line running down the middle of a street.


Arrived in Nha Trang: view could be worse!

All ready to go!

Downtown Nha Trang. Not many people on the streets: too hot!


Day or two in Manila before travelling to General Santos City to deliver a training course for the Asian Development Bank. Took a tour and visited the American War Cemetery: impressive and moving!

Arrived General Santos. This picture gives a flavour of the place.

After delivering some training spent the afternoon exploring the south coast of Mindanao. Very beautiful and lots of traditional fishing boats at work.


On the road to Davao and the flights home. No crash helmets here!

Presentations at the end of an event I helped to deliver in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.

I dread to think what just happened!  


After the event I did a bit of sightseeing. Went on a train journey and found this Chinese temple just outside Kota Kinabalu.

The walls of the temple were covered with these beautifully painted wooden tiles.

Took an evening river cruise and experienced this great sunset.


The next day took a trip to Kota Kinabalu Park and on the way stopped by Mount Kota Kinabalu. As you can see from the clouds we are quite high up.

The official opening of a course I delivered in Myanmar.


A final shot at the end of the event!

The view from my hotel room in Yangon - inevitable mixture of old and new!


Visited Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon - very welcoming place.


A young couple asking for a blessing and hoping for a child.

Ah, Mr Bond, I think you are too late!


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