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Charles M Lines  

Achieving collaborative success - 2 days

Forming the habits of creative problem solving - 1 day

The 'Creativity in the Air' workshop - 1 day 

Presentation skills workshop - 1.5 days

Advanced presentation skills workshop - 1.5 days  

Achieving team work - 1 day

Enhancing your administrative support skills - 3 days 

Making meetings productive - 1 day 

Spending time effectively at work - 1 day 

Transformational assertiveness - 1 day 

Writing for results - 1 day 

To find out more about the above training courses contact Charles M Lines direct. 


Click Here for 'Creativity in the Air - 50 Ways Music Can Make You More Creative'

Click Here for 'Sleeping with the Enemy - Achieving Collaborative Success (2nd Edition)'

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